Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Honourable Chairman Sir, Directors, Yashvendra Sir CEO, Other in the hierarchy, Learned Staff of G.D. Goenka Aligarh,

I extend my thanks to Chairman sir for giving me this honour to join G D Goenka Aligarh branch.

As Goenken history proves the standard of education, I shall give my best to bring this branch to the level of Goenka.

We need to work as a team. There is no you or no me or no them. Either it is us, or it is no one. I practice professionalism in work and habit of finishing the work before time. So please cooperate.

I am Mr. U. B. Daniel and I have no introduction of me except my work that proves me. I’ve served CBSE for 28 years. The first school that I nurtured from 650 students to 3600 students was Blue Bird School. After that I had changed 3 schools and now Goenka is my trust.

With your timely support and parent’s wishes we want to go on endless journey in Goenka from good to better and better to best.

Jai hind and hail Goenka.
Mr. U. B. Daniel

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