Physical Education

Physical Education is an indispensable element on the continuum where listings of essential pre-requisites for personality development are drawn. The sports activities of Goenkan institution are formulated with a perspective of mass participation with an aim of health and fitness to each and every participant. Besides the aim of instilling sportsman spirit and enhancement of overall personality development, it eyes a larger goal of competitive participation beyond school – at Zonal, State, National and International levels. This purpose is served through regular coaching from grass root level, organization and participation in various inter-house and inter-school sports & games. Gamut of activities conducted, are briefly described below:



Basketball – A Basketball court conforming to international standard aptly fulfills the aim of generating greater interest in the game amongst the students. This coupled with the conduction of Gayatri Devi Goenka Memorial Basketball Tournament annually, in which several prominent schools from NCR participate, gives the right impetus to the students in opting for this sport

Football – Football activity is conducted as per the requirements of individual age groups with skills gradually getting coalesced with modern football techniques.

Cricket – Cricket activity grooms the talent in such a way as to make them fit for the requirements of State, National and International participation.

Swimming – Swimming activity in a standard size pool within the campus. Each and every child coming for this activity is individually taken care of, with an aim to prepare for competition,with adequate measures taken towards ensuring their safety and security.

Volleyball – Volleyball activity generates interest and pushes the existing talent to forefront. Volleyball activity is conducted for senior level.

Athletics – Athletics activity is conducted on the field with standard 200 m track to train children eying medals at different competitive levels.

Taekwondo – Taekwondo activity stresses Self-defenseand is conducted as per the procedures set by the Taekwondo Association. During tournaments, certificates of achievements and belts as per grading are donned on the participants.


Gymnasium – The state-of-the-art Gym aims at providing infrastructure in order to enable students to maintain overall fitness, strength and endurance. Apart from that, it facilitates in improving performance in other games as well.

Table Tennis – Children who are enthusiastically inclined towards this sport, are imparted training for participation in tournaments at Zonal, State and National level.

Aerobics – The students follow a fitness regime in school which incorporates physical exercises in combination with rhythmic aerobics, exercises like stretching and strength-training. The aim is to improve general health of the students by incorporating all elements of fitness.

Gymnastics – Gymnastics as an activity aims at improving coordination, flexibility, speed and agility. Under strict supervision and guidance of our gymnastics instructors, the students learn to enhance their motor skills.

Yoga – Yoga classes form an important part of the curriculum in order to train the students to coordinate their mental, physical and spiritual abilities. It not only provides de-stressing and relaxation to the body but aims at combating a variety of illness through breathing techniques and postures taught in the yoga class.