GDGPS, Aligarh.

Dear Students, 

🎉   Janmaashtami celebration 🎉

*Classes Nursery to 5th

  • Girls  are required dress up as Radha and boys as Krishna or (any other character related to Shri Krishna like gwala, gopiyan etc).
  • You have to make presentation  with a dialogue related to the character in which you are coming.
  • Also you can prepare one dance or song based on the Janmashtami Theme.

*Class 6 to 8

 (Mataki decoration  activity)

  • decorate a matki of your choice at home and bring it to school. 
  • And  Can come with a dance or song prepared for Janmashtami activity at school.
  • We will celebrate this beautiful festival together as Goenkans.

GDGPS, Aligarh.

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